Tontine Mattress Topper Review 2024

Tontine vs Origin Topper

An aging mattress can do more than deprive you of sleep, leaving you exhausted, sore, and spent the following day. It can be expensive to get a new mattress, therefore it is highly recommended that you consider mattress toppers as an alternative.

Origin and Tontine are 2 of the well recognised names in Australia when it comes to sleep solutions. In this article we will compare Tontine vs Origin Contour to determine which one is right for you.

Tontine and Origin’s Mattress Toppers at a Glance

Tontine has been producing Australia’s most popular bedding for over 60 years. The Tontine product line offers a broad range of high-quality and affordable products. There are a variety of mattress toppers offered by Tontine, each specializing in a different feature.

Among all, the Pressure Relieving Memory Foam Mattress Topper is the most comparable product to Origin’s Contour Mattress Topper.

The Origin brand is known for providing outstanding quality and comfort at an affordable price. Designed and made in Germany, the Origin Contour Mattress Topper features a lofted cloud-like comfort that is derived from high quality foam and natural materials.

Origin Contour VS Tontine Mattress Topper: Quick Breakdown

To understand their differences, let’s have a quick look between the Origin Contour and Tontine Pressure Relieving Memory Foam Topper in the table below.



Origin Contour Mattress Topper

Tontine Pressure Relieving Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Price Range

$199 - $349

$107.48 - $119.98


Cooling Gel Memory Foam & Luxurious Tencel Fabric Cover

Aircell Memory

Foam &

Removable Cover 





Soft to Medium

  Trial Period

7 Days

30 Days


3 Years


1) Mattress Topper Construction and Maintenance (Verdict: Origin Contour Wins)

Construction & Maintenance: Tontine mattress topper vs Origin Contour


Designed with lightweight AircellTM Memory Foam, Tontine mattress toppers adapt to the precise shape of your body. The Tontine mattress topper comes with a removable cotton cover that is machine washable. Additionally, it also serves as a non-slip backings to prevent sliding.

Origin Contour 

Origin mattresses feature high-density memory foam infused with cooling gel beads. Gel beads assist in thermoregulation and cooling off the body temperature. The Origin also comes with a machine-washable cover meant to protect the product and prolong its lifespan. It is made from Tencel fabric, which is highly breathable and prevents bacteria from growing.


Both of these brands use similar materials when it comes to their construction. The Origin, on the other hand, has a distinct advantage, as it has additional cooling gel beads that keep your body cool at night, which is a huge advantage for hot sleepers.

2) Support+Comfort (It’s a tie)

Support+Comfort: Tontine mattress topper vs Origin Contour


This lightweight Tontine Comfortech Aircell™ Memory Foam is constructed with air pockets that respond to pressure only at the points where it is applied. As a result, it conforms to the shape of your body when you lie down.

Origin Contour 

Using high-density memory foam, the Origin mattress aligns your spine correctly and provides full body weight support and pressure point relief by adding a strategic cellular structure that adapts intelligently to your body.


Both brands perform impressively on their mandate to deliver a good night’s sleep as effectively as possible. Despite their differences, their designs function the same by providing support to the body by embracing its form and decentralizing pressure.

The comfort and support of a product therefore ultimately comes down to personal preference. Origin’s mattress topper is slightly thicker at 5cm than Tontine’s 4cm mattress topper, making it great for side sleepers and people who tend to weigh more.

Which Mattress Topper is Better?

The rule of thumb when buying a mattress topper is to buy the best you can afford, based on value. 

Both brands deliver on their basic promise of giving you a restful night of sleep. There is a similarity between their products: they both use memory foam material and are easy to maintain.

Origin’s Contour Mattress Topper costs $199.00, which is a bit more expensive than Tontine mattress topper, priced at $107.48. 

What about trial and warranty? The Origin offers you a trial period of 7 days while Tontine mattress topper provides a trial period of 100 days. It is, however, not stated on Tontine’s website what the warranty is. In contrast, the Origin comes with a three-year warranty.

Verdict? There are pros and cons to each pillow, so choosing one really depends on your preferences and needs. A Tontine mattress topper would be a good option if you feel you are only looking for a basic mattress topper at an affordable price. Hot sleepers looking for an affordable and cooling topper with a warranty should consider the Origin instead.

Durability at its Finest

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