Spinaleze Pillows Review 2024

There are hundreds of ergonomic pillows on the market, each claiming to be the best. But which ones are really the best? How do you choose the right pillow for you?

A peaceful night’s sleep is based on several key factors. Below, we’ve simplified them for you. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Spinaleze pillows.

Spinaleze Pillows and Origin Coolmax At A Glance

The Australian-made Spinaleze pillows are made from an aerated viscose material.  The pillow is claimed to provide great support and a luxurious feel. The pillow measures 55 x 36cm, which is smaller than standard pillow sizes. The special design also claims to help with the body alignment and prevent neck and back pain during sleep. 

The Origin Coolmax, which is delicately designed in Germany, is known for its unbeatable stand using 100% natural materials that have hypoallergenic properties. The responsive design also claims to provide full support for the head and neck.



Origin Coolmax







Sleeper Type

All Sides Sleeper

Side Sleeper


Natural Latex & Cooling Gel

Aerated Viscoelastic

Memory Foam


5.1 Inches

Low, Medium or High



Medium to Firm

Trial Period

120 days

No trial period




Origin Coolmax VS Spinaleze: Quick Breakdown

Key Factors

1) Pillow Construction & Maintenance (Verdict: Origin Wins)

Pillow Construction: Spinaleze Pillows vs Orgin Coolmax

Spinaleze Pillow

Spinaleze Pillows are made from high-quality memory foam, the company’s patented aerated Visco-elastic foam. The medical-grade foam is used as the inner layer to ensure that the product will not degrade over time. The Spinaleze doesn’t come with any removable cover for easy cleaning.

Origin Coolmax

Designed from 100% natural latex, the Origin Coolmax Pillow is infused with a cooling gel, which has been proven to relieve pressure points and promote better sleep. It also comes with an easy-to-clean removable Tencel fabric cover that can be hand or machine-washed as often as needed.


Both brands have their own unique construction for luxurious and comfortable sleep, but Origin Coolmax stands out overall. The Origin is made out of natural latex which not only promotes better air flow and prevents heat retention but the natural material is also hypoallergenic which is highly recommended for people with allergies. The Origin also comes with a removable washable Tencel cover which is what makes it long lasting by providing extra protection. Spinaleze pillows on the other hand require an additional top-up of $79.00 for its pillow case if you are looking for extra protection. 

2) Pillow Performance  (Origin Coolmax Wins)

Pillow Performance: Spinaleze Pillows vs Orgin Coolmax

Spinaleze Pillow

The Spinaleze Pillows are designed to provide comfort and support. The pillow’s patented foam claims to respond to your body by moulding itself around your head, neck and shoulder. Most memory foam pillows are medium soft to medium but according to WhatASleep , the memory foam used in Spinaleze’s pillow is a bit on the softer side when compared to other memory foam pillows. The structure of the pillow is more suited for sleepers who sleep in a single position.

Origin Coolmax

The Origin Coolmax Pillow on the other hand is made from latex, known to provide a unique volume of pressure relief and support, making it very comfortable to sleep in.

As far as performance goes, the latex core provides excellent support to the neck and head. The contouring properties of this pillow make it great for pressure relief. As a whole, this is a balanced pillow that is ideal for both side and back sleepers.


Origin Coolmax seems to take the winning stand for its ergonomic support as well as its suitability for all types of sleepers.

Is the Spinaleze pillow worth buying?

Finding the best pillow has never been easy. Material quality and its overall value are important factors to consider.

In terms of price, the Spinaleze is $239, while the Origin is $129, respectively. Moreover, Spinaleze doesn’t come with a removable cover. Therefore, for a separate pillow case, it’s another $79.90.

The Origin comes with a 2-year warranty, whereas the Spinaleze only offers a 1-year warranty period. 

Our final verdict? Although both pillows provide high-quality comfort, you stand to gain a lot more from Origin Coolmax. Along with savings, you get the benefit of natural latex that has many advantages over a pricey memory foam pillow.

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind

2 thoughts on “Spinaleze Pillows Review 2024

  1. Janet says:

    I bought a spinaleze pillow $238 plus shipping, on 16 October 2023. It is a low back sleeper pillow.
    I tried it immediately with a pillow slip”lying over it, the dent for my head was too small, it hurt my head both sides above my ears and pushed my head forward so bent my neck out of alignment, so it was tilted up looking down towards my feet.
    Be warned, I was bullied, told no returns no money back, get your spine aligned ( mine is perfect and so is my neck) and you will get used to it, and Stephanie told me to sit on sit and crush it as the cooling air bilubbles will crush down and it will be flattened and hard.
    I will have to take this vile bullying dishonest company to:Consumer Affairs. I have a side sleep pillow and it is fine. They could well afford to have taken back the perfect pillow, and refunded me. Elder abuse and I cannot afford to l
    waste all this money.

  2. Julie Lines says:

    Do not buy a Spinaleze pillow. Feels like a rock and has caused major neck discomfort for me. Their website is very misleading and the profile size I chose, based on their website recommendations is way too high. They do not take into account that everybody’s frame size is different! I’ve never had such an uncomfortable nights sleep and I persisted with this for five days thinking I might get used to it! No way! Total rip off of $239. The size of the pillow is way too short in length, the material is such that it does conform to back and side sleeping positions, there is pressure from your own head/ears pushing on you. How the radio stations and radio personalities can endorse this pillow is mind boggling. They must be receiving a good commission $$ at the expense of gullible purchasers. Spoke to their customer service re this and all I can say is there is no customer service to resolve this and girl I spoke to honestly
    couldn’t give a damn! BUYER BEWARE!! Don’t fall for the same trap I did. You’d be better off buying a cheapie from Big W.

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