Sleeping Duck Mattress Review 2022 | Sleeping Duck vs Origin

Choosing the right mattress is essential to your overall health, but it takes a little know-how to choose the right mattress for a great night’s sleep.

When it comes to your rest, nothing beats the award-winning comfort that comes from sleeping on the top Australian mattress brands: Sleeping Duck and Origin. But which one should you choose from these top Australian mattress brands? Well, scroll on to find out!

Origin vs Sleeping Duck

Before we take a closer look at each feature, here’s a summary of the differences between Origin and Sleeping Duck to help you choose the right mattress:

Origin Hybrid Mattress


Price: Queen Size




15 years

10 years

Trial period

120 days

100 days

Third Party Ratings by thebestmattress.com.au and Sleepy's Express







Partner Disturbance



Value for Money



Customer Satisfaction



Mattress Layers



Multi-Zone Support

7 zones

5 zones


All sleeping positions

Back and side sleepers

Type of Mattress



Mattress Firmness


Medium, Firm, Soft, Extra Firm

6/10 for medium and 8/10 for firm

Delivery and Returns



Value (Verdict: Origin offers greater value-for-money)

Sleeping Duck comes at a price of $1649.00 for a queen-size SD MACH II. This might sound justifiable, considering Sleeping Duck’s brand name and presence.

But you can get a good mattress at a much lower price than that! 

Origin Mattress comes at a more affordable price of $699.00 for a queen size mattress. And even while saving money, you can be sure that you won’t have to compromise on sleep quality. Origin was designed by a team of experienced sleep experts in Germany, and has been approved by chiropractors and Australian athletes. 

At such different price points, it’s safe to say that Origin is suitable for those who are looking for something affordable but of high quality. 

Temperature Regulation (Verdict: Origin does it better)

Sleeping Duck mattresses regulate temperature mainly through their BreatheTech cover, which is made of a soft bamboo knitted together, and Antigravity Surface Foam to maintain coolness on warm nights.

Origin also places emphasis on creating a mattress that maintains the optimal sleeping temperature. The surface of the hybrid mattress is made with plush Atmospheric Tencel. It is highly breathable to allow airflow to transfer body heat to the Aeroflex layer below. 

Origin Hybrid Mattress layers
Origin Hybrid Mattress layers

On warmer nights, the Aeroflex expands, promoting airflow to cool you down. And when you’re cool, the Aeroflex contracts, trapping heat and keeping you warm. Both layers work to keep you at the ideal temperature for weightless sleep.

Sleepy’s Express Expert Ratings (Verdict: Origin scores higher)

Sleep expert’s ratings and reviews are probably the best way to tell if a mattress is good. Well, according to the sleep experts at Sleepy’s Express, Origin is an “excellent investment and has tremendous value for your money”. So let’s take a look at how Origin fares against a familiar name like Sleeping Duck.

Sleepy's Express ratings
Sleepy’s Express ratings

Trial Period (Verdict: Origin wins in this aspect)

Origin provides a 120-day trial period during which you can decide if their mattress is right for you. If you find that the mattress isn’t the right one, you’ll be provided with a free mattress return and a money-back guarantee. The returned mattress is then donated to Australia’s Salvation Army.

Unfortunately, although Sleeping Duck offers free returns with a 100% cash-back guarantee, their trial only covers a 100-day period. 

Hence, Origin provides a safer trial option. 

Warranty (Verdict: Origin takes the lead)

Aside from offering award-winning comfort, Sleeping Duck mattresses also come with a 10-year warranty that only covers excessive body imprints.

Meanwhile, Origin takes the lead with a 15-year warranty! Any visible indentations greater than 1-inch due to flaws in the mattress that cause the foam to split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling are covered.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right mattress isn’t as simple as buying the most popular mattress from the most popular brand. Even with all this information, nothing beats trying out the mattress for yourself.

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind

So, if you would like to experience the world’s first weightless sleep mattress, try out our Origin Hybrid Mattress today using our 120-day trial. This affordable next-gen mattress is designed and tailored especially for the Aussie climate and is suitable for all sleeping positions.

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