Sleep Republic Mattress Review 2024 | Sleep Republic vs Origin Hybrid

Getting a new mattress can be both exciting and stressful. There are so many mattresses on the market that finding one that fits your needs can be overwhelming. 

We’ve put together a Sleep Republic Mattress Review 2022 to assist you in this challenging task. 

This review will explain everything you need to know about Sleep Republic’s mattress and compare it to one of its competitors, the Origin Hybrid.


Founded by mattress industry veterans with more than 20 years of experience, Sleep Republic mattresses have become the market leader in the industry. To create a mattress that is precisely the right fit for each individual, the brand has spent decades designing, manufacturing, and selling mattresses. The Sleep Republic sells mattresses in boxes. “Mattresses in a box” offer a convenient means of delivering mattresses to customers and making quality mattresses available for everyone. 

Origin, on the other hand, is known for its innovative technology and sleep tests that provide the finest mattresses. The mattress company’s orthopedic technology and mattress design have won numerous awards. They have become reputable for being able to provide superior quality mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers at an affordable price. Likewise, Origin sells mattresses in boxes.

Origin Hybrid VS Sleep Republic: Quick Breakdown



Origin Hybrid 


Sleep Republic


Price Range

$414 to $814

$799 to $1,799


15 years

12 years


120 nights

100 nights




  Mattress Type



Sleep Republic Mattress Review 2022 and comparison show that these mattresses are significantly different in terms of service and price. Furthermore, there are differences in terms of mattress structure and comfort they provide. 

Comparison Breakdown: Origin Hybrid VS Sleep Republic

When it comes to deciding whether a mattress is worth investing in, there are a number of different factors to consider:

  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Price & Service Quality
  • Third-Party Ratings

Comfort + Support (Verdict: It Depends)

Sleep Republic mattress vs Origin Mattress: Comfort + Support Image

In case you are wondering what determines how comfortable a mattress is, its construction is the key. 

The mattresses are both made from latex, which is an eco-friendly material. As far as firmness is concerned, both mattresses can be classified as medium firmness mattresses. The firmness of Origin Hybrid is rated at 6.5 out of 10. Despite the fact that the Sleep Republic mattress does not have its own firmness rating, BedBuyer rates it a 7/10 out of 10. Taking this into account, Sleep Republic is on the slightly firmer side in terms of this specific area. 

There is no doubt that both companies provide superior support due to the innerspring system that they use. Sleep Republic mattresses feature 2500 pocket springs for high-quality support and restful sleep. Similarly, Origin Hybrid is equipped with antigravity springs for durable support and weightless comfort. As an added benefit, Origin Hybrid has orthopedic recommendations as a result of its unique multi-density design known as Aeroflex, which provides you with more targeted support and comfort. Besides targeting the neck and shoulders, it also targets the lower back and hips. In this way, your spine will be aligned properly so that you won’t wake up with any new neck or back pain.

So what’s the verdict? Sleep Republic and Origin Hybrid mattresses are both hybrids. 

When it comes to mattresses that offer better pressure relief and neutral spine alignment experience, the Origin Hybrid is hands down the clear winner. Sleep Republic mattresses, however, are more suitable for those who prefer a firmer surface.

Temperature Regulation (It’s a Tie)

Sleep Republic mattress vs Origin Mattress: Temperature Regulation Image

Hot and sweaty nights are nothing new to Aussies. Therefore, every mattress manufacturer puts extra effort into temperature regulation. 

A key feature of Origin’s technology is its cooling technology and temperature regulation. Designed specifically for Australian weather, the Origin Hybrid mattress’ latex is infused with a cooling gel. In addition, the top Tencel layer encourages airflow throughout the mattress. 

In the same way as Origin Hybrid, the Sleep Republic mattress uses cooling gel to keep you comfortable throughout the night. Natural latex helps to promote airflow. Thus, in terms of material construction, it is up to the individual’s personal preference since both have very similar cooling systems.

Value for Money (Verdict: Origin Hybrid wins)

A major difference between these mattresses is the price range. Compared to the Origin Hybrid’s $719 queen size, the Sleep Republic will cost you $1399! 

Both Sleep Republic and Origin deliver mattresses throughout Australia. Origin Hybrid mattresses can be delivered anywhere in Australia within 3 working days, while Sleep Republic mattresses take 3-7 days to arrive. 

Both companies offer free returns. There is, however, a difference in the trial period. The Origin Hybrid mattress comes with a 120-night trial period. In contrast, Sleep Republic offers a 100-night trial period. Despite both options being quite generous, the Origin Hybrid mattress receives an extra point for its 20 extra nights. 

Similar to its generous free trial period, the Origin comes with a 15-year warranty. The Sleep Republic has a 12-year warranty. Having this competitive edge, Origin outperforms Sleep Republic and most mattress manufacturers. 

Overall, Origin Hybrid Mattress provides better service and value than its competitors. The shorter delivery times, longer warranty periods and cheaper prices make Origin the winner.

Service Quality

Sleep Republic mattress vs Origin Mattress: Service Quality

Mattress-related services include delivery and return, guarantee, and trial period. 

Sleep Republic mattress as well as Origin deliver mattresses all over Australia. You can get Origin Hybrid mattress within 3 working days anywhere in Australia while the delivery time for the Sleep Republic is around 3-7 working days. 

As for the return policy, both companies offer free returns. However, there is a difference in terms of the trial period. Origin Hybrid mattress has as much as a 120-night trial period. Meanwhile, Sleep Republic offers a trial period for 100 nights. While both options are quite generous, the Origin Hybrid mattress gets an extra point for 20 extra nights. 

Just like with the trial, Origin has a more generous warranty period of 15 years. The Sleep Republic has a 12-year warranty which gives the company a competitive advantage against most mattress producers but not against Origin. 

So, overall, Origin Hybrid Mattress has better quality service. With shorter delivery times and longer trial and warranty periods, Origin is the winner in this category. 

The price difference between these mattresses cannot be explained by extra features so it seems that Origin Hybrid simply delivers more for less money. 

Third-Party Ratings (Verdict: Sleep Republic gets the point)

It wouldn’t be possible to complete a Sleep Republic Mattress Review 2022 without considering third-party reviews. 

BedBuyer rates Sleep Republic Mattress at 5/5 while Origin Hybrid gets 4/5. Despite this, BedBuyer recommends both mattresses.

Origin Hybrid and Sleep Republic are both rated 4.7 out of 5 by Product Review Australia.

In terms of third-party ratings, Sleep Republic wins. While Sleep Republic has more reviews, keep in mind that the brand has been present in the Australian market for much longer.

Our Final Verdict: Which has Quality Sleep at the Best Value?

Despite Sleep Republic’s incredible reputation and quality, Origin Hybrid continues to provide more quality and value. In spite of its lack of recognition among Aussie consumers, in recent years the new bedding company has already established itself as one of the top players.

Origin Hybrid simply offers you more for less money, which can explain the price and quality of the customer service experience that’s offered by the brand. With the Origin Hybrid, you know you are getting a mattress that is specifically designed for Australian conditions, which makes it a better option for Australian consumers.

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind

Author: Steve Borhan

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