Sealy Mattress Review 2022 | Sealy vs Origin

Many Australians lack quality sleep as they do not have a good mattress. Overlooking the importance of a high-quality mattress could have an adverse effect on your health.

For this reason, many brands are producing mattresses that focus on comfort and good support. Among these companies, Origin and Sealy are two brands that stand out. With both brands providing mattresses that can improve your sleep quality, which is a better option for you?

Origin vs Sealy

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at the key differences between Origin’s and Sealy’s most popular mattresses:

Origin Hybrid Mattress 

Sealy Advantage Condo Medium Mattress

Type of Mattress



Price (Queen size)




120 nights 

No trial


Free for anywhere in Australia 



15 years 

10 years

Third Party Ratings by BedBuyer Australia




Spinal Support



Build Quality



Partner Disturbance



Value for Money



Value (Verdict: Origin provides better value for money)

When it comes to mattresses, you’ll find that they range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. But does an expensive mattress mean that it’s better? Everyone wants a peaceful sleep, but not everyone can afford the price that most luxury mattress brands ask for. 

However, with Origin, most of us can now afford to enjoy better sleep quality and support. As the most value-for-money hybrid mattresses in Australia, you will receive exceptional comfort and orthopaedic support at an affordable price. 

An Origin Hybrid Mattress comes at the low price of $699.00 for a queen size mattress, while a Sealy Advantage Condo Medium Mattresses will cost you $749.50 for the same size. The difference might be small, but Origin’s value-for-money definitely shows, considering the research and standards behind each Origin Hybrid Mattress. 

Sleep Expert Ratings (Verdict: Origin scores higher)

To most of us, a mattress is a mattress. Even after reading up on all this information, you won’t be able to tell if the mattress is what you’re looking for. So why not look at what the sleep experts over at bedbuyer have to say about Origin and Sealy’s mattresses?

Bedbuyer's Ratings
Bedbuyer’s Ratings

Origin edges out on Sealy in all five aspects: comfort, spinal support, build quality, partner disturbance, and value for money. 

According to bedbuyer, Sealy‘s spring systems feel flimsy, resulting in poor motion isolation. Sleepopolis gives a similar review, mentioning that the springs used can be too bouncy, and can cause partner disturbance.

On the other hand, Origin uses individually encased Micro precision Pocket Springs to reduce motion transfer. This has proven to be effective, as seen from Origin’s great reviews!

The Origin Hybrid Mattress
The Origin Hybrid Mattress

At a lower price and with greater features, Origin is one that’s not to be missed out on when choosing a mattress! 

Warranty (Verdict: Origin has a longer warranty)

Sealy provides a 10 year warranty to their buyers. So if any issue ever comes up, the buyer has no reason to worry since the company has it covered. While Sealy’s 10 year warranty may sound generous, Origin once again takes things to another level by providing a 15 year warranty. This means that in comparison to Sealy, an Origin mattress allows you an additional five years of sleeping with ease.

Trial Period (Verdict: Origin provides a safer trial) 

Origin provides a 120-night trial period, free returns, and a money-back guarantee. This means that within 120 days of trying the mattress, you may arrange with Origin for the mattress to be picked up from your residence at no cost. Furthermore, you’ll receive a full refund! Not to forget, any returned mattress will be donated to The Salvation Army Australia, to help those who are in need. Not only will you get to cut down on unnecessary spending, you won’t have to worry about what to do with the mattress!

Unfortunately, Sealy only offers in-store testing of beds; They don’t provide mattress trials. Therefore, it can be pretty risky, since there’s a chance you can’t adjust to the new mattress or even suffer from the unsuitable mattress. Your money will go to waste too!


Although Sealy has been around for a long time and made its name across Australia, it looks like they are falling behind when it comes to mattress innovation!

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind

Origin is growing rapidly, with over 50,000 happy customers worldwide, and has proven itself by offering a great, value-for-money mattress. With so many satisfied customers enjoying Origin’s ultimate weightless sleep experience, why wait another day when you can check it out today? Head over to find out more about our Hybrid Mattress, and try it out through our 120-day trial today!

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