The Origin Hybrid Mattress

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$849.00 $399.00

The World’s First Weightless Sleep Mattress

Features our unique AEROFLEX™ – the only material able to create a weightless sleep experience that maximises comfort and support, for the ultimate sleeping-on-air sensation.

The hybrid’s smart design was tailored specifically to the Aussie climate. It’s the best bet to stay warm through winter, cool through the summer, and hit that sweet spot of blissful sleep.

Approved by Medical Experts
Suitable for all sleeping positions
• Designed in Germany for Aussie Sleepers
• Sag-Resistant Comfort Springs – to ensure snuggly sleep for years to come
Not sure if it’s for you? Try it out for 120 Days, with a 100% money-back guarantee


* Stock for Double size Mattresses will arrive mid October
* Matress Height = 25cm