Kmart Mattress Review 2024 | Kmart vs Origin

The quest for better sleep quality starts from choosing the right mattress. This may be a bit daunting, with so many different mattress brands in Australia claiming to be the best. For this reason, we’ll be making the comparison for you! In this article, we will have a look at how Kmart compares to Origin. We will explore the different features of Origin and Kmart mattresses, highlighting all you need to know to make the right choice for your bed! 

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Origin vs Kmart

Before we dive into the analysis, here is a quick rundown of the different features of Origin and Kmart mattresses:



The Origin Hybrid


Kmart Pocket Spring



120 nights

No trial


15 years

10 years


Free for Australia

No returns unless product is defective, but must be in unopened packaging

Mattress Layers



Third Party Ratings by BedBuyer Australia



Origin Hybrid 



Pocket Spring Mattress




Build Quality






Partner Disturbance



Spinal Support



Value for Money



Type of Mattress


Pocket Spring

Queen Mattress Price






While both mattresses have their specific fortes and shortcomings, Origin appears to have an edge over the Kmart mattress. But it would be superficial to arrive at this conclusion merely based on the table above.

Instead, we will take the important aspects of the two brands and explain why Origin stands a better chance of meeting your needs.

Bedbuyer Ratings (Verdict: Origin comes out on top)

What better place to start than with the experience of qualified health experts, including sleep scientists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists? To be transparent in our assessment, we have taken into account the bedbuyer sleep expert ratings of five main aspects for each mattress: Comfort, Spinal Support, Build Quality, Partner Disturbance, and Value for Money. 

Bedbuyer Ratings
Bedbuyer Ratings

While both mattresses received the same scoring in terms of value-for-money, Origin has the lead on all the other factors. The sleep experts seem to be dissatisfied with both the Spinal Support, Build Quality, Comfort, and Partner Disturbance when it comes to the Kmart mattress. 

On the other hand, Origin ranks a consistent 4/5 rating across all the mentioned categories. We can safely say that the experts give the lead to Origin.

The Origin Hybrid Mattress
The Origin Hybrid Mattress

Service: Trial, Warranty, and Returns Policy (Verdict: Origin holds on to the lead)

Origin registers a significant advantage over the Kmart mattress in the trial policy. While Kmart offers its users no way of testing the product beforehand, Origin allows for 120 nights of trial for their mattresses. We find this very important, seeing as a trial period lets the bedbuyer test the quality of the product before being required to make a decision.

The return policy also stands out as a notable advantage for Origin, with free returns from all over Australia. In comparison, Kmart only offers returns if the product is defective, and with the condition of the packaging being unopened. To add on, Origin’s returned mattresses are donated to Australia’s Salvation Army instead of going to landfills. 

Lastly, Origin offers 15 years of warranty; That’s 5 years more than Kmart’s policy of 10 years! 

From these considerations, Origin’s terms of service are definitely more appealing.

Value (Verdict: Origin takes the point)

With regard to price, the Kmart mattress emerges as more budget-friendly than Origin. While Kmart’s Queen Size mattress only costs $309, Origin’s same-size product has a price of $699. 

But looking at price alone doesn’t make a good comparison. 

Origin’s mattresses are designed by sleep experts and experienced engineers. With features such as the multi-density Aeroflex layer, Antigravity Springs, and Atmospheric Tencel, Origin is definitely a worthy investment.

Origin's Aeroflex
Origin’s Aeroflex

So, taking into account the better orthopaedic design and better services offered by Origin, it’s safe to say that despite being priced higher, Origin Hybrid mattresses offer greater value-for-money.M

Origin's Orthopaedic Design
Origin’s Orthopaedic Design


Deciding which mattress is better should be left to the personal preference of each buyer. However, after a fair and transparent comparison, the Kmart mattress checks fewer boxes in terms of quality, comfort, and value, as compared to Origin. 

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind

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