King Koil Mattress Review 2024 | King Koil vs Origin

Sleep quality is one of those aspects in which most of us could make significant improvements. Studies have shown that the 2 most important factors for doing this are mattress quality and sleep posture.

There are plenty of quality mattress providers on the Australian market. So many, in fact, that it’s often difficult to make the right choice. For this reason, we will help make deciding easier for you!

In this article, we’ll analyse how Origin compares to the King Koil mattress. 

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Origin vs King Koil

Before going into the more in-depth analysis, here is a quick overview of the aspects that should be taken into account when comparing Origin to the King Koil mattress:



The Origin

Hybrid Mattress

King Koil Platinum Luxury Serenity, Medium

Queen Mattress Price




15 years

5 or 10 years (depends on model)


120 nights

No trial






Delivery fees are based on your location from the nearest store


4.7/5 from 37 reviews

3.1/5 from 18 reviews

Value for Money



Type of Mattress






Taking a glance at the comparison overview, it appears that Origin has an edge over the King Koil mattress. However, we will have an in-depth look at each aspect and explain why we think that the Origin mattress design may be better suited for your needs.

Value for Money (Verdict: Origin scores a win)

The first consideration we will look at is price. Although most of us would like to invest more in sleep quality, affordability is another issue.

In this sense, Origin offers an affordable, buyer-friendly sale price of $699 for a queen mattress. In contrast, a King Koil mattress is priced at $4,399 while on sale at Forty Winks, making it more demanding for your budget.

Of course, a higher price can be justified when the quality of the product is significantly higher. However, the product review ratings outline that this may not be the case.

While Origin scores a 4.7/5 rating from 37 reviews, this King Koil mattress only has a 3.1/5 rating from 18 reviews. The difference in rating sample size may be important to note here, but we still think that Origin comes out on top in the value-for-money category. 

After all, most renowned mattress brands price their mattresses in the thousands. But this doesn’t prove that an expensive mattress doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for you. Are the quality and comfort that luxury mattresses provide really proportional to their price? Why not give the Origin Hybrid Mattress a try through the 120-day trial, and figure it out yourself! 

Environmental Sustainability (Verdict: Origin keeps the lead)

In terms of environmental sustainability, it is clear that both mattress providers have taken measures to ensure an eco-friendly approach. Both Origin and King Koil avoid using environmentally harmful substances in their products.

In this sense, Origin has taken extra steps to ensure their contribution to the protection of nature. By establishing streams of donations to organisations such as The Kangaroo Sanctuary and WWF Australia, Origin consolidates its place in the global ecology movement.

Origin's sustainability efforts
Origin’s sustainability efforts

Aside from this, ensuring that their returned products are deep-cleaned and donated to the Salvation Army also introduces a notable recycling practice. Putting everything head-to-head, we think that Origin emerges as the more environmentally friendly option. 

Find out more about Origin’s sustainability here.

Targeted Support and Comfort (Verdict: Match point for Origin)

Lastly, perhaps the most important consideration for any mattress purchase is the firmness and support it provides. Here, Origin offers a smart, multi-density mattress design for both comfort and support. 

The Origin Hybrid Mattress has a firmness of 6.5/10. However, the Aeroflex layer has a unique density structure. The deeper layers of the mattress are firmer, especially in the middle, for greater back support. At the same time, the outer areas of the mattress, as well as the surface layers, are softer, to ensure comfort for the user. With a variable firmness level, different parts of your body can receive the right amount of counter-pressure and support, preventing aches and pains. 

Origin Hybrid Mattress layers
Origin Hybrid Mattress layers

In contrast, the King Koil mattress offers a softer alternative, with less support and more comfort. In this sense, the firmness rating of their mattress is 4.5/10.

Although the degree of firmness preferred is subjective, we believe that spinal support is essential to enhance sleep quality. Thus, for this category, we give the win to Origin.

Warranty and Trial (Verdict: Origin scores another win)

When it comes to customer experience, making sure that the client has enough space to decide whether the product suits their needs is essential. For this category, we consider 2 aspects: the warranty and trial policies.

King Koil offers 5 or 10 years of warranty, depending on the product model. In comparison, Origin offers a 15 year warranty for every product they sell. This difference defines how large of a safety net a customer gets, granting Origin an advantage.

At the same time, the trial policies of the two mattress providers differ greatly. While King Koil does not offer any kind of trial for their customers, Origin offers 120 nights in which you can test whether their product works for you with a 100% money-back guarantee. The returned mattress is picked up by Origin’s charity partner at no additional cost to you. Hence, this point also goes to Origin, along with a clean win in this category.


After a fair and transparent comparison between Origin and King Koil, Origin has managed to stand out more in terms of value-for-money, environmental sustainability, and service provided. 

Quality. Value. Peace of Mind

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