Why Australians Prefer A Hybrid Mattress For A Good Night’s Sleep

Benefits of a hybrid mattress

Having a well-rested and good night’s sleep is perhaps every adult’s dream nowadays. With all the work and stress that we have to deal with every day, it’s no longer a wonder that a majority of adults look forward to lying down and rest fully at the end of the day.

But have you ever experienced sleeping only to wake up feeling as if the sleep that you’ve just ha is not even enough? You still feel sleep and tired—and it’s not because you are getting hit with laziness.

Did you know that our mattress type has a huge effect on how well you will be recharged when you wake up the next morning? In this article, we are going to look at the features of a hybrid mattress and why more and more homeowners prefer having this at home.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

To put it directly, hybrid mattresses make use of two or more mattress types to create better support that would fit the needs and preferences of individuals. It is like putting together the best properties off different mattress types to produce the perfect type that has just the right comfort and support.

Before there were hybrid mattresses, homeowners had to choose between other types of mattresses like the foam, gel, latex, and innerspring coil types. Most of the time, people are torn between getting a comfy mattress from one that would give them the body support that they need. With hybrid mattresses, they can get the best of both worlds because they can now have the advantage of two or more mattress types together in one.

What are the layers included in a hybrid mattress?

Since we mentioned that hybrid mattresses include the best features of different mattress types and put it into one, most hybrid mattresses often have 3-4 layers.

1. Base Layer

The base layer of a hybrid mattress is the one that make the most of the mattress since it provides the primary support and structure. Most of the time, the base layer off a hybrid mattress is made from pocketed coils which will provide the bouncy support while being able to move independently from each other. The base layer is about six to eight inches, making them the thickest layer in any hybrid mattress so it can provide the right amount of support and firmness.

2. Comfort Layer

The comfort layer in a hybrid mattress is placed on top of the support layer.  These are usually made from memory foam, polyfoam, latex or gel. Since the base layer already provides the structure and firmness of a hybrid mattress, they thickness of the comfort layer would dictate how comfy and fluffy the feeling you will get when you lie on it. Hybrid mattresses that have a latex layer will be bouncier and firmer as compared to ones which just use memory foam.

3. Pillow Top

A relatively new introduction to the world of mattresses is the Pillow Top layer which is added on the topmost layer of hybrid mattresses—or can be added in any mattress type whatsoever. Pillow tops are meant to enhance and promote better comfort since they are often made from wool, fiber, or cotton. There are some Pillow tops that have a cooling technology which makes them perfect for places in humid and tropical weather.

What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress?

If you are still wondering if getting a hybrid mattress would be perfect for your home so you can get the sleep that you deserve, let’s look at its benefits:

1. Adjusts to your body shape and size

Since most of the hybrid mattresses make use of memory foam or latex foam in the comfort layer, they provide a great contouring factor. Since they adjust or “mold” to your body’s shape, it promotes relieving of pressure points to remove body aches. Unlike old mattress types, latex or foam contours to your body to ensure that the weight is equally supported and guarantees to reduce muscle pains due to strain and sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

2. Great body support

In addition to having a wonderful comfort layer, hybrid mattresses provide the ideal body support because of their pocketed coil springs. For individuals who still want to get the right amount of firmness and body support, this would be a perfect choice.

3. Reduces motion transfer

Hybrid mattresses also have the same motion isolation that comes with memory gel mattresses. This makes it great for homeowners who share their bed with their partners or often have kids sleeping in with them. Any movement made at night is greatly reduced so you won’t be awakened every time your partner or kids shift in bed while sleeping. Perfect for light sleepers who are easily awakened by movements!

4. Cooler temperature

Compared to memory foam mattresses that can be a little warm when used because of its thick and dense material, hybrid mattresses provide a better and cooler sleeping environment. Since they have an innerspring core, it allows better heat transfer in between the different mattress material types. Hybrid mattresses are perfect for homeowners located in warm and tropical areas since they won’t be waking up in the middle of the night sweating.

Where can I get the best hybrid mattress

Now that we’ve looked into the benefits of a hybrid mattress, you might be asking yourself “which is a great hybrid mattress that I can get in Australia?”

If you have decided that getting a hybrid mattress can work for you and your home, then you should really look into the Origin Hybrid Mattress which is available in four sizes. It comes with pocketed springs, cooling gel memory mattress, a latex layer, and a hypoallergenic surface layer which makes it safe especially for your little ones. You can also be assured that they only use the best materials and design from Germany, while still being affordable.

The Origin Hybrid Mattress gives you all the benefits of a hybrid mattress and ensuring that you will sleep soundly every single night!

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