Ecosa Pillows Review 2024

It is crucial to sleep with a pillow that supports your neck properly. However, there are numerous options available, and choosing the best one can be difficult. Fortunately for you, we have sorted through the majority of them and chosen the best pillows based on elements like materials, guarantee, and cost.

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Ecosa Pillows and Origin Coolmax At A Glance

Ecosa has a long history of producing high-quality pillows, and their most recent product is no different. Being one of the most well-known and well-respected pillow brands in Australia, the curvy-shaped pillow is designed to offer optimal support to your head and neck, thanks to its two distinct sides and height-adjustability as its key ergonomic element.

Additionally, Ecosa offers an adjustable firmness feature to accommodate different types of sleepers.

On the other hand, Origin has a goal to enhance sleep all around the world by avoiding gimmicks and concentrating on the items and technology that make them possible. No matter what position you sleep in, Origin is made to adapt to your body and promote better sleep so you can wake up feeling better.



Origin Coolmax


Ecosa Memory foam






Natural Latex & Cooling Gel




5 inches

Adjustable Low to High






100 Days 

Key Factors

1) Pillow Construction & Maintenance (Verdict: Origin Coolmax Wins)

Pillow Construction & Maintenance: Ecosa Pillows vs Origin Coolmax

Ecosa Pillows

The Ecosa pillow is made out of memory foam. Additionally, the charcoal-blended foam protects against bacteria and manages odors. Designed with a 3D structure, the pillow prevents heat and moisture build-up, which are common concerns with memory foam. Ecosa pillows come with a premium polyester double-knitted cover. The removable cover is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified, so it is safe and free of hazardous materials.

Origin Coolmax

Origin Coolmax is made of a fine natural latex infused with its specially formulated Coolmax gel to ensure superior temperature control and prevents the formation of unpleasant odors. 

It comes with an eco-friendly Tencel blend fabric cover which is highly dust-mites, bacteria and mold resistant, making it suitable for people with allergies. Tencel is a very breathable material so this pillow will stay cool during the night. Furthermore, this cover can be removed for easy cleaning, which reduces maintenance efforts.


As both pillows have a removable cover, they require very little maintenance. The Ecosa pillow, however, is made from foam which may give way when it comes to retaining heat. Origin Coolmax, on the other hand, offers high durability and comfort as well as excellent temperature regulation thanks to its latex material. When a pillow goes flat, it quickly loses its ability to support your head and neck. Unlike foam material,  latex does not flatten over time and provides you with the same level of support as the first time you slept on it. Verdict? In terms of overall construction and maintenance, Origin seems to be the clear winner.

2) Pillow Performance  (Origin Coolmax Wins)

Pillow Performance: Ecosa Pillows vs Origin Coolmax

Ecosa Pillows

The primary highlight of the Ecosa pillows is the ability to adjust its height by either adding or removing two elevation pads of 2cm and 3cm thickness. An Ecosa pillow can be customized to fit the height preferences of a wide range of sleepers and body types. Designed with contoured memory foam for added neck support, Ecosa recommends this pillow for back- and side-sleepers who suffer from neck, shoulder, or arm pain. Those who sleep on their back may generally prefer the lower side, while those who sleep on their side may prefer the higher side. For stomach sleepers, the pillow might be a tad bit taller than standard pillows.

Origin Coolmax

The Origin Coolmax has a feeling of softness similar to a spring mattress, where the pillow can hold any amount of pressure and has a tendency to return to its original shape as soon as it is removed. This is likely due to its latex material, which is usually more bouncy and softer than memory foam but nonetheless able to hold its shape. This cushion has excellent pressure relief and shaping abilities, therefore it is suited for all types of sleepers, be it side-back or stomach. 

Because memory foam pillows are slow to respond to pressure, they take longer to adjust to your position changes than most pillows. In contrast, latex pillows bounce, respond quickly to pressure, and provide a light, supportive lift. For those who sleep in all three positions and don’t want to commit to a hard pillow right away, Origin Coolmax is a better option.

Is the Ecosa pillow worth buying?

Choosing the best pillow can be a challenge. With its overall  quality and comfort, the Origin Coolmax pillow stands out from the Ecosa pillows. While Origin Coolmax is more expensive than Ecosa Memory foam, the price difference is not very significant. Furthermore, latex pillows are extremely durable. The fact that they retain their shape and springiness for such a long time makes them the most durable pillows on the market, which is also why Origin offers a much longer warranty of 2-years as compared to Ecosa’s 100-day trial. 

Furthermore, Origin Pillow is an anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, and antimicrobial, which in turn makes it ideal for people with allergies and sensitive skin. 

We have now concluded the comparison of Ecosa Pillows vs. Origin Coolmax. Despite both options being worth adding to your bedtime essentials, Origin is an affordable option with a lot to offer. The final decision is ultimately determined by your preferences and budget. However, whatever option you choose, make sure that it gives the best value for your money.

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