Dentons Pillow Review 2024

A good pillow will eliminate the pain associated with sleeping and will ensure that your neck is aligned with the rest of your body during sleep, thus keeping your spine neutral. Choosing a pillow that meets your sleeping requirements isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Dentons and Origin are two of the many pillow types and brands available in the market today.

Would you like to know which brand is best for you? Here is a side-by-side comparison of Dentons Ultime vs Origin Coolmax so you can determine which is best for you.

Dentons Pillow and Origin Coolmax at a Glance

The Dentons pillow is the first co-moulded pillow in the world. Designed specially for side and back sleepers who seek superior luxury, comfort and support, the pillow is made in Australia and is made from Memory Foam and SoftecTM. Origin Coolmax on the other hand, is a brand with a reputation for outstanding quality and comfort at a reasonable price. Featuring premium materials, the Origin Coolmax pillow supports the head, neck, and spine. It is exquisitely designed in Germany, making it known for its natural, hypoallergenic latex material and unique cooling technology, which allows it to stay cool all night.

Origin Coolmax VS the Tontine Pillow: Quick Breakdown

Let’s compare Origin Coolmax and Dentons Pillow first so you can get a good understanding of their differences.



Origin Coolmax







Sleeper Type

All Types of Sleeper

All Types of Sleeper


Natural latex + Coolmax Cooling Gel

Visco Elastic Memory Foam & Cotton




Trial Period

7-Days Trial

No trial period


2-year warranty 

5-year warranty 

1) Pillow Construction & Maintenance (Verdict: Origin Coolmax Wins)

Pillow Construction & Maintenance : Dentons Pillow vs Origin Coolmax

Denton Pillow

The Dentons Pillow is regarded as the finest co-molded pillow in the world. Additionally, the pillow is made from memory foam and Softec to give sleepers ultimate luxury and comfort. The contoured surface and overall shape of this molded foam pillow make it suitable for everyone.

Moreover, its high loft appeals to sleepers with large frames and provides a relaxing experience while sleeping. Additionally, this pillow is treated for anti-bacterial, mold, and mildew, making it a suitable choice for those with sensitive skin and allergies. The Dentons pillow has a removable cover. Made of cotton, it can be washed by machine.

Origin Coolmax

The Origin Coolmax pillow, on the other hand, is made up of a blend of natural latex and cool gel formula to provide the user with a soothing sensation. It is made of breathable latex material, which provides adequate air circulation throughout the pillow to prevent odors and trapped heat from accumulating.

Just like Dentons, this pillow also has hypoallergenic properties, making it ideal for people with allergies. In addition, it has a machine washable Tencel cover.


Despite the fact that both Dentons pillow and Origin Coolmax pillow use high-quality materials, the latter has a slight advantage due to its Latex material, which is naturally breathable and antibacterial.

Morevover, the Origin Coolmax utilizes latex and Tencel cover, which allow for optimal heat regulation. Therefore, the Origin Coolmax clearly demonstrates the superiority of its construction over the Dentons pillow.

2) Support+Comfort  (It’s a Tie)

Comfort+Support: Dentons Pillow vs Origin Coolmax

Denton Pillow

The Dentons Pillow uses memory foam for its construction, and is designed for all kinds of sleepers, whether they are sleeping on their sides, backs, or stomachs. This pillow measures approximately 61.5cm (L) x 38cm (W) x 13.5cm (H) by 11.5cm (H) and has a contoured shape that provides maximum comfort and support for the neck while sleeping.

Origin Coolmax

The Origin Coolmax has a soft, but durable head and neck molding support. Additionally, it offers good impression resistance, so it will hold its shape for a long time. 

Moreover. the natural latex has a bouncy nature that makes it excellent for easing pressure points. As an added bonus, the design provides firm support for side sleepers and soft support for back sleepers. Made in Germany, the pillow measures at 65cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 13cm (H).


There is no doubt that the Origin Coolmax is the winner. While both are designed to provide optimal support, high performance, and sleep quality that caters to people of different shapes and sizes, the Origin has larger dimensions making it much more suitable for larger frame sleepers.

Because the Origin Coolmax is made from Latex, therefore it is less likely to sag over time and will last for many years.

Which Pillow is Better?

The Dentons brand is widely recognized for its premium range of pillows, so expect their products to be pricey. You will have to shell out $209.95 for a Dentons Ultime pillow. On the other hand the Origin Coolmax only costs about $129.

Furthermore, the Dentons pillow does not offer any trial period and all their pillows cannot be returned or exchanged. However, Dentons’ extensive warranty period gives it a slight advantage over Origin Coolmax. With Dentons Ultime, customers are protected against manufacturing defects for five years, whereas the Origin Coolmax only offers a two-year warranty. 

As far as overall performance is concerned, Origin Coolmax clearly outperforms the Dentons Pillow. Whether you’re looking for a pillow with exceptional performance or a pillow that is value for money, this pillow has it all.

Superior Design and Quality

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