At Origin, we have a big dream:

To engineer sleep that unlocks the greatness within.

But perfection isn’t achieved in a silo, we need the best minds in the business to make it happen. Which is why our research team is always guided by feedback from customers, sleep experts, engineers and world-class athletes.And the effort has paid off. We have combined world-class German engineering and the latest sleep science to develop an award-winning sleep range. One that maximizes both high-performance and comfort.

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“The Origin mattress is an excellent investment and has tremendous value for your money because of the ergonomic support and thermoregulation…”

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International Business Times

“The main differentiating factor for Origin, however, is that it is constantly evolving to frequently adapt to the needs of the customers…”


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Origin Mattress Hybrid Review

We would classify the Origin Hybrid Mattress as a ‘medium-firm’ feel and a 7.5 / 10 on the firmness scale (with 10 being the firmest).

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Best Mattress AU

If you share your bed with a partner, the Origin Hybrid is designed to minimise motion transfer so you won’t disturb your partner. Moreover, this mattress has great edge support so you will get the same performance across the 4 corners. All these make it ideal for couples..

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Origin’s strength lies in the quality and build of their product. The innovative design of the product is also one of the reasons for its popularity amongst blind brand tests.

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Origin (top pick) vs Sleeping Duck

The Origin Mattress is designed to sleep cool. Its gel-infused memory foam has effective cooling properties and wicks away body heat. 

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Best Value for Money Award: Origin Mattress

The Origin Hybrid mattress is the “Best Value for Money” winner for 2022. Made with excellent materials, this is a mattress that is good for all sleeping positions.

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