Risk-Free Origin Offer – The Best Offer In Australia

We’re confident that you’ll love our mattress at first try – but we think trying it for a 120 Nights will make you love it even more!

Free Returns & Full Refunds

If you decide to return your Origin Mattress, please email in your reason(s) for return to enquiry@originmattress.com.

If you didn’t absolutely love the mattress, we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

In fact, we’ll collect the mattress at your home for free, and then donate it – at a time that’s most convenient to you!

Cause in the end of the day – we just want you to love your purchase and sleep well.

Risk Free Way to Test A Mattress

Seeing a mattress at a showroom helps to confirm your tastes, but nothing beats sleeping on it for 120 nights! Only when you try the mattress in the comfort of your own home can you truly know if it’s the mattress for you!


When does the 120 Night Trial begin?

Our 120 Night Trial starts on the date of arrival and once your order has been shipped to your address. 

Do I need to keep the mattress box?

When you return the mattress, there is no need to place the mattress back into its original packaging. Due to the need for special machinery in order to repackage the mattress, we do not expect our customers to go through the hassle of repackaging.

How does the refund work?

To make a return request, send an email with your order number; an image of the mattress; and your reason for returning to enquiry@originmattress.com. We’ll arrange for your mattress to be picked up from your residence.

Once the mattress is returned, the refund will take 4-7 days to process. The refund will then be made directly back to your original payment method (usually via debit/credit card)

What if the mattress is not as new when I return it?

Not to worry, we will uphold our 120 Night Trial promise as long as the mattress is not extensively damaged and it is returned within 120 Nights. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Do you resell the returned mattresses?

No way! Every mattress is fresh out of the box. Our mattresses are packed into their boxes using specialized equipment and technology. Each returned mattress is either recycled, donated or refurbished.

100% Risk-free Origin hybrid mattress

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